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Opening a new school is exciting and energizing while also very task focused to ensure the learning space is ready for students on day one! In light of this, we foresee that we will be able to use support from our community in the coming weeks and months. 

If you are interested in supporting one or more of our upcoming events (outlined below) or if you are interested in volunteering during the school year, please follow the steps below.

1. Complete the Volunteering at Hilltop Heritage Elementary | School Opening + August Events form.

2. Review the district's Volunteers and Visitors page and complete the Volunteer Application and Background Check Process.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities at Hilltop Heritage Elementary

Opportunity #1: Interview Panels

We are hoping to secure 5-6 parents/guardians to participate on interview panels as we meet with candidates for our open positions. Interviews will take place two times each week from 3:45-7:00PM. A parent/guardian may volunteer to participate on one interview panel or more.

Opportunity #2: School Opening

We are hoping to secure 20-30 parents/guardians and community members to support with unpacking and organizing materials when they arrive at the building. We predict that some materials will begin arriving in mid-July and we will continue to receive deliveries through August. Once we have a better idea of delivery dates, we will reach out to those willing to support this task to schedule specific dates and times.

Opportunity #3: Back to School BBQ and Meet + Greet

We will host a Back to School BBQ and Meet + Greet on Thursday, August 24th from 6:00-7:30PM. We are hoping to secure 5-10 parents/guardians to support with the planning of this event as well as supporting on the day of the event with set up, food, organization, and tear down. Planning meetings for this event will begin in early August.